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I believe that people matter. I believe in making lives better. I believe in creating new sources of prosperity and abundance for every stakeholder. I believe in transforming lives, buildings, even industries. I believe in creating value through values.


I do it every day. With over 25 years of versatile worldwide experience, I bring a unique blend of entrepreneurial acumen, business creativity, marketing professionalism, and cultural depth wherever I go.

Some things can only be learned by doing. By creating, innovating and experimenting. By daring to think with your heart, and not just with your mind.


It has been my experience that creating innovation, and revolutionizing industries and ways of living, requires a combination of deep marketing insights, leading technologies, cutting edge digital abilities, and real estate savviness.


My 25 years of experience honed my ability to spot opportunities in market failures and scarcity, and my determination to create opportunities and wealth that will benefit everyone.


I have always been a challenger, as a leading musician (a violinist and a bandleader) and as the founder and former head of one of Israel’s top 10 ad-agencies. As an investor I am active in both hi-tech and real estate with outstanding results. This allows me to dream big and execute with excellence.


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